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AllMid was established in 2015 to expand the esports scene beyond the boundaries of the coasts and into every region of the United States. With an emphasis on the Midwest, we are committed to engaging communities by creating experiences that connect gamers and professionals alike. The AllMid team comes from some of the oldest and most established collegiate esports programs in the midwest region and also draws upon professional talents. As members of the community ourselves, our primary focus has been and always will be the well being of the esports community.

We Work So You Can Play

The core philosophy of the AllMid family is that we are both gamers and organizers. We work hard so that you can play hard, and nothing makes us happier than hearing the joyous cries of excitement that come from an intense teamfight, a perfect top deck, or realizing that you’re holding the winning giveaway ticket. We seek to create the perfect gaming environment so that our players not only feel completely at home at our events, but look forward to come to the next as well!

We Create Esports Experiences

At AllMid, we enable gamers by providing a wide array of event services. We organize, produce, host, and operate live events from viewing parties to mega LANs. We also work with new and existing organizations to offer our knowledge and skills to help level up their events. Lastly, we offer professional grade partnerships for organizations deeply embedded in the gaming industry for live events, trade shows, and conventions.



Over the past 3 years, we have hosted events for thousands of gamers and have had the good fortune to work with the best and brightest in the gaming and computer industries. Each sponsor and partner is a part of our extended family, and we strive to go above and beyond to recognize their contributions. Without their support, our events would simply not have the impact that has come to be the AllMid Way!

Community Events

As part of the community ourselves, we look for ways to unite local and surrounding gaming communities. We’re fortunate to bring some of the best talent in the Midwest. We invite casual players to have a chance to experience friendly gaming experiences and learn from industry guest speakers on how to get involved and start a career in the video game and esports industry.

Collegiate Events

Our background comes from Collegiate Esports and we look to help make it grow. Our first event was the AllMid Collegiate Invitational Mega LAN that featured 16 schools across 15 states and was featured on NPR and broadcasted on the front page of Twitch. Since then, we’ve mentored collegiate gaming organizations so students can build their own large-scale events and gain valuable work experience.

Convention Events

We’ve been fortunate to be part of some of the largest gaming conventions in the Midwest. Our goal is to bring the Esports experience to convention attendees. We’ve featured events on main stages with over 10,000 people present. Besides the tournaments, we connect exhibitors & sponsors to attendees to provide visibility, exposure, and opportunity.

In the News

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